“I would like to have the wisdom to guide California and the United States into a better future and an understanding heart to leave no one behind.”

-David Medway M.D. paraphrased from King Solomon


I am Dr. David Medway, a Board-certified Internal Medicine physician, medical site director, small business owner, husband and father.  My career is devoted to making good decisions to solve complex life and death problems for everyday people – regardless of their personal background – so that they can be healthy and strong.   I am not a career politician. My interest in politics is spurred by a desire to bring a better quality of life to Southern California than has ever been seen before. I work with a talented team of nurses, staff and care-givers to save lives and get the job done right everyday.


I will bring the same passion that I have in medicine to working hard in Congress to make our country strong and you proud.  Here are some of the issues that your neighbors are talking about and what I want to do to help resolve these issues.


Pro Health and Affordable Healthcare: Americans should not die from lack of health insurance and Medicare should not be dismantled.  Government and private insurers should compete to keep costs down.

Pro Senior Citizens: I will work hard to protect our vulnerable seniors.  The way we treat our elderly population is a reflection of the identity of our Nation.

Pro Education: Every American deserves a top quality education.  Our universities are more competitive than ever for admission but high quality education is becoming out of reach for our hard-working families.  We need a fair and transparent process to give our local kids the best education in the world without burdening families and young people with huge bills.

Pro Veterans and Innovative Solutions to Gun Violence: Schools need to be safe and protected using innovative volunteer programs where our distinguished veterans keep a watchful eye on our schools.

Pro Preparedness for Disasters: Strict vigilance must be maintained to prevent contagious disease outbreaks from hepatitis, flu and other pathogens as well as prevention of sewage spills from Mexico on to our shores.  Earthquake and fire preparedness and terror attack prevention need to be constantly addressed.

Pro Environment: We must remove and clean the San Onofre nuclear waste as quickly as possible.  We must not allow countries or companies to pollute our water. If our oceans are polluted by sewage spills from Mexico, we should consider closing the Mexican border until Mexico can keep our neighboring border area clean and safe.

Pro Military: We must support our active military and veterans and treat them with dignity and the respect that they have earned in their call to duty.  Having worked in VA hospitals, I know that we can do better.

Pro Abandoning Iran Nuclear Deal: We must stand up against the continued unchecked development of a long-range Iranian ballistic missile program which has continued during the nuclear deal with Iran.  These missiles which would be able to deliver nuclear devastation across the globe including the United States must not be developed. 

Pro Women: I will always stand up to protect women’s rights.  Women should feel safe and empowered and be able to access reproductive choices in their healthcare.  I am a pro-choice candidate.

Pro fiscal responsibility: Our Nation’s debt is set to have interest costs alone that will triple over the next decade as it approaches one trillion dollars with no end in sight unless we are fiscally responsible.  We need to pay down our debt so future generations are not burdened by it.

Pro inclusiveness: I stand for listening to your problems and ideas and trying to make good things happen for you and our beautiful Coastal Southern California community.


There are no do-overs when ill people cannot afford high quality healthcare.

There are no do-overs when gun violence comes to our communities.

There are no do-overs when families are torn apart because of jail terms that limit non-violent offenders’ chances at working and being rehabilitated.

There are no do-overs when outbreaks of epidemic disease come to our shores.

There are no do-overs when nuclear material or oil spills on our beautiful beaches.

There are no do-overs when our borders are not protected and our military is not adequately funded or supported.

There are no do-overs when women are afraid to speak about injustice or not able to get excellent healthcare.

There are no do-overs when our elderly population is not protected from financial hardship and their hard-earned Social Security benefits are taken away

There are no do-overs when good jobs go away, taxes spiral out of control and the high cost of living diminishes our quality of life.

There are no do-overs when political divisiveness turns neighbors against each other.

You deserve a government that is responsive to problems, finds solutions and uses good judgment.  I have demonstrated my commitment to fighting for the lives of Californians and getting excellent results.  I humbly ask for your vote so that I can stand up for Southern California because there are no do-overs for the critical issues we face.   

Please vote for a better way….vote for Dr. David Medway.



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